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Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft product and is, therefore, included under Microsoft’s Privacy Policy. Microsoft provides a specific privacy statement for young people and additional protection for student personal data. Microsoft does not sell, use, or share student personal data for advertising. However, they may collect information about a student for educational or school purposes or as a parent or guardian authorizes.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and learning management platform within the Office 365 Suite where teams connect through shared resources, chat sessions, virtual meetings, and more. Using both Microsoft and non-Microsoft tools, including hundreds of third-party applications, teachers can create groups or classes that include any member of your organization. Create, assign, and grade individual, group, or class assignments, quizzes, and interactive experiences that integrate with classroom-friendly tools like Pear Deck, Flipgrid, or Learners can share resources, work on projects or assignments, delegate tasks, and communicate progress via a shared Class Notebook. The chat feature lets kids communicate easily with other members, and teachers can monitor, moderate, or mute chat sessions.

How to Create a Team

Class assignments are a starting point to manage student learning by creating quizzes or assignments with the option to attach files. Additionally, you can create interactive class experiences by using one of the many app integrations, or take advantage of the Reading Progress tool to gauge reading fluency over time. Support students learning from home with a live teaching session, or conduct remote student-led conferences to provide flexibility for families. With Microsoft Teams, there’s lots of flexibility for use and many opportunities to facilitate learning, but it’s going to take dedication and oversight to get it right. Teachers can provide learning experiences that allow students to take ownership and develop organizational skills as they communicate and collaborate with others.

Microsoft Teams Lessons

The basic account is free, with lots of 360-degree tour choices for premium teacher accounts. This wouldn’t be a good Microsoft Teams tips guide without talking about grading. When using Student Information Systems, it’s possible to make grading super simple using Teams. By using Grade Sync as a Teams tool, you can grade and have marks automatically synced to platforms such as PowerSchool.

Well done – evaluation and feedback

After logging into your Microsoft account, you will be prompted with what organization or people you’ll be using the Teams app with. Your options will either be at a Business, School, or with Family and Friends. What’s great about selecting the environment is that each option will slightly customize your Teams experience to these profiles. Microsoft Teams provides teachers and students with the right tools to collaborate extensively from remote locations, from multiple devices, and without the risk of information silos or missed communications. If you’ve shared a lesson using a student or teacher access link, you can remove the access you’ve provided. Students can use translation features provided by Microsoft Teams to enhance their English skills.

  • Students can then check this note whenever they work on a certain type of assignment.
  • Use the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and collaborate with team members.
  • If after joining a channel, you want to leave a channel that’s no longer relevant to you, then you can go ahead and delete the channel from your Teams.
  • Continue reading about this tool’s privacy practices, including data collection, sharing, and security.
  • However, they may collect information about a student for educational or school purposes or as a parent or guardian authorizes.

Use a student access link when you want to share your lesson with students outside of Microsoft Teams. Teachers can have additional time to listen to students reading passages, analyze students’ performance, and identify problems to differentiate effective reading instruction. Educators and students need to watch tutorial videos and follow the instructional tips to use the Microsoft Teams smoothly.

Students learn at their own pace

We’ll show you how to manage a contact list within Teams, initiate calls, launch videoconferences, and share your screen. Like its competitor Zoom, MS Teams has a number of settings related to videoconferencing. With so many customization options, it might be wise to take advantage of tutorials and seek out best practices for integrating additional tools into your classes. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time digging and run the risk of overwhelming your students — and possibly even yourself. When chatting in a Channel, your conversation is with the entire team and not just exclusively between two parties.

Is using Microsoft Teams easy?

Teams is Microsoft's answer to programs like Slack or Google Meet. If you've ever needed to participate in a team project at work, you'll fully appreciate the need for such an easy-to-use tool. Each program is designed for work collaboration and has a slightly different set of features and benefits.

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